Friday, February 03, 2012

Day 3 ~ One Year, One Nose


By now you, the reader, are probably wondering what boring, not-so-well-thought-out olfactory observation I will post today -- or not (wondering, I mean). This preface is to explain that I promise to work harder at posting good olfactory observations and potentially imparting useful information. That is the goal. (Geesh, it's only Day 3 and I'm already saying this). And I have a notebook with page after page of olfactory snapshots upon which to build a whole picture. But. Ah, yes, the ubiquitous 'but' ~ But I have been terribly distracted these past few days. The curse of threes (y'know what it is, it's the three bad things that happen one right after the other) has decided to make a visit to my family in a very big way. On the other hand, we're due the blessing of threes any time now, Universe.

There are so many lessons learned from the last week. Too many to go into, and certainly not appropriate to share here.

Summarized: Love one another -- a lot. Follow the rules of safety. Listen to people who've been there and done that because they can save you a world of heartache. And lastly, forgive.

On to the post:

Ruby Red Grapefruit ~

I had the pleasure of experiencing a freshly picked ruby red grapefruit and comparing it to a bottle of red grapefruit essential oil (mine). The same yet different. Fresh grapefruit peel is cool, zingy, slightly sweet with a strong neroli floral force. More of a juice, peel, twig, blossom kind of scent than strictly a peel scent. I was surprised by it -- lovely petitgrain notes, and I had not realized how much of a floral note that the fresh grapefruit peel possessed. I have access to many more of these grapefruit, so I am thinking a distillation session is in order very soon. And a bit of antioxidant in the oil to help retain that gorgeous floral tone. That is, if it translates the way I think it will. There is a slight pitchy, citric acid tonality to the fresh peel as well, something bitter and slightly nasty, like soured milk. Obviously this scent doesn't work well on its own, but taken in with the floral notes, it turns the whole picture to that of a fleshy, sensual woman. A woman who doesn't give a rat's patooty what you think of her. A bold, audacious woman.

Here is an interesting bit of information regarding one of the chemical components of grapefruit ~ Sex & Grapefruit.

Grapefruit distilled oil is not as exciting as fresh peel. There is a dullness to the oil, a muted quality. And absolutely none of those lovely neroli floral tones are present. It could be because the oil is older and not as fresh, as I do recall the oil when first made was gorgeous with floral notes and rich with high limonene tones and aldehydic highlights. It was sparkly. Even preserved, it doesn't hold a candle to its younger, fresher self. It does, however, still retain a lovely juicy quality. A little zip that makes your mouth water.

Capturing scent from raw materials through distillation must have driven those old apothecarians completely insane. Oftentimes it simply doesn't translate. I am reminded of Grenouille and the cat.

Photo is a pomelo, not a ruby red.

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