Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 21 ~ One Year, One Nose


Sri Lankan at 10% has an odor intensity of 5 (10 scale) and no matter what, I cannot escape the association with bug repelling yard garden candles. Or bear attracting bug repelling skin tonics for the great outdoors.

The whole while I'm sniffing the scent strip, I'm thinking, 'Bug spray. Bug spray. Bug spray."

It smells industrial, medicinal, dry, a titch green, and lemony. At full strength it smells more oily with a bit of mustiness thrown in. Diluted as it is, there is a fresher quality to it, a clean 'feel'. Smells a bit like furniture polish. I do believe, however, that diluted further, say around 1 or 2%, it could be useful in a perfume composition as a sacrificial material, to help with the longevity of citrus head notes in an eau de cologne or eau de toilette. Plus you'd have the added benefit of keeping the bugs away, and for a long time, too, as the tenacity of citronella 10% lasts well into the 24 hour time frame.

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