Sunday, February 05, 2012

Day 5 ~ One Year, One Nose

Frangipani and Fig cake with Pineapple glace.

Yes. Frangipani absolute and Calimryna fig extract poured liberally into a plain white cake batter, baked, then topped with a simple confectioner's sugar and pineapple juice glaze. Again, yes. And gone. It never fails to happen; I get barked at by the resident eaters that I'm making 'perfume food' again, then when done, it's gobbled up, seemingly while I sleep because I never see them eating it, until all that's left are the crumbs on the cake plate.

Predominantly a sweet, mapley smelling cake with light notes of frangipani and a hint of spice, like cardamom, something green and sneaky that peeks in and out. The scent is luscious. The fig is remarkably present, smelling just a bit like a gentleman in tweeds on the dregs of his ultra-manly musky parfum.

Perfumed food is ultimate olfactogustatory experience. (You do realize that isn't a word, right?)


  1. olfactogustatory - surely it should be a word now ;-)

  2. I'm thinking of starting a supper club with this theme in mind -- I'm wondering how many locals will know what to make of 'olfactogustatory' dinner parties?



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