Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 22 ~ One Year, One Nose

Peppermint 10%

I love peppermint. I make room sprays out of it during the holidays, adding a bit of vanilla for the full holiday effect. I use it in the bath in the summer to cool down, and I make a popular soap with it, Poppymint, that I give away during the holidays, a little number chock full of cocoa butter and coconut milk and loads of peppermint and a handful of poppyseeds.

The scent intensity is pretty high, around 7-8, it is (and I know no other way to say this) minty, fresh, cool, sweet, wintry, clean. With a lot of dilution, around 1%, it works nicely in perfume compositions to create a cool and fresh effect without overpowering the composition in mintiness. The tenacity isn't bad. At six hours there is still a faint mintiness about the scent strip, but with a deeper sweet note, fuller and more solid than the flighty mint tone.

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