Friday, May 04, 2012

Day 67 ~ One Year, One Nose

Holy Basil

I adore this scent. It's magical. It doesn't smell of regular basil, the type you make bruschetta with or add to a watermelon/basil mojito, this basil is . . . different. It's dark. Heady. Heavy. Dense. Nuances of licorice float about, a pinch of anise, a piercing greenness edged with honey. It begs to be dumped into a soap scent formulation, something that will wake you up and soothe you at once while you shower in preparation for the day. There is a creaminess to holy basil, as if on the tongue it would simply spread across and bring a syrupy sweetness to the palate. Creamy greenness that touches the barest fingertip to mint, an entire hand to basil, and an arm to a combination of licorice, anise, and sweet vanilla.

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