Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Bit Like 'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' 'n Stuff ~ Again

So the soapmaking of late has gone swimmingly. The scent choices are primo, the colors are bright and cheery, and the soap behaves well in the shower -- nothing like naughty soap, right? So it's feeling like I got my soap groove back, and the next step is to continue creating bold and beautiful soap and setting up a little Saturday shop on the front lawn over the summer. It's allowed. We're zoned commercial ~ ha! And speaking of the merits of being zoned commercial, the neighbors started their chicken run over the weekend and it's all against our fence line, which means we get to hear the girls clucking before bed, clucking at dawn, and clucking, clucking, clucking all throughout the day. I hope the sound of clucking is more like waterfall background sound to my psyche than the sound of nails on a blackboard or squealing tires. Can't handle that. And speaking of squealing tires, last night at around midnight as I lay in my cozy bed with the window open, listening to the soft sound of the pond cascade and the croaking frogs from the canal behind the house, I was startled to hear the sound of revving engines, squealing tires, popping sounds like someone running over planks of wood that break, and then finally the dulcet sound of, "Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" Oh, my brain said to my pounding heart, it's like an episode of Cops in my alleyway. Then I drifted off to sleep. Funny what you get used to.

This weekend, Saturday the 2nd of June, I will be teaching a soapmaking class at Season's in Sanger, California, at 6:00 pm. Be there or continue with your hobbies of transcendental basket weaving and backyard entomophagy.

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