Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 71 ~ One Year, One Nose

 Tuberose ~ Polianthes tuberosa, '08 vintage

This was my first evaluation of tuberose, the evaluation in which I had thought my idea of tuberose was set in stone. Funny how things change. This was an inferior absolute, which is why I have not named the supplier because it is possible it was a one-time thing and their current stock of tuberose is an entirely different creature. One would hope so after four years.

Tuberose, 4% dilution in organic grape alcohol, scent intensity at 6 (1-10 scale), color golden amber; imagined color-red! Floral and spicy. Floral, indolic, heady, strong, green tonality, white/red floral dichotomy, bold, dramatic. Secondary - salty, spicy, buttery. Smells of grandma, summer, and the water in the pot after boiling beef wieners to death. After an hour on the scent strip, the salty/meaty aspect pretty much overrides the floral altogether -- it reminds me of someone who's eaten too much garlic for lunch and has decided to stand over your cubicle and talk until your cubicle smells like a sausage deli. My final entry for this eval, at 12 hours was, "Watery floral, tolerable as I really do not like the scent of tuberose."

My thoughts on tuberose have changed entirely since then. I managed to get my hands on an exemplary sample which displayed all the characteristics I had been told tuberose possessed. But I'll save that for another time.

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