Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Movin' and Shakin'

After some careful consideration, I decided to move my 'bedroom' back into the solarium and out of the studio. I found it much too distracting to formulate with a bed in the room. I can't explain why. Making the studio too multi-purpose kind of knocked me out of my groove. Plus the new tenant upstairs directly over the studio is single and quite the stud from what I'm hearing through his floorboards. I found myself sleeping on the couch in the living room these past two weeks, which attributed to the decision to move. I'm also moving the computer out of the studio as well. Another distraction. Plus I'm really thinking about putting together a few perfume workshops - scent appreciation or something - and a bed and computer and printer/scanner in the room detract from the atmosphere of the studio.

So last night was the first night in the solarium and though I slept well, better than when on the couch, I was still a bit restless -- it's two solid walls of frame to frame windows! I have curtains on the windows facing the front side of the house, but no curtains facing the backyard as there is no need (I hope) to block the view of my new room from the pervy eyes of the koi in the pond out back. Anyway, when I did sleep, my dreams were filled with visions of some desperate person attempting to pry open the windows to get inside, then after waking up repeatedly in the night, I was startled to hear five very distinct gun shots ring out at exactly 1:40 AM. The sound seemed to come from the next block over from the back of the house. Though this neighborhood is filled with beautiful old turn-of-the-century homes and early 20th century pieces of ornate architecture, there are several pockets surrounding the area that are home to halfway houses, drug rehab centers, a methadone clinic, and several liquor stores catering to those who seem to have given up on life, or at the very least, want to forget the pain of their lives. There is also an enormous police sub-station just two blocks away, so police response is literally minutes -- I know this because I've had to call them a few times; once to stop a fight between two guys swinging fence boards at one another; once to report a car had driven into a parked car, and once to find out if one of the local halfway house boarders was dead on the sidewalk. He wasn't, he was just really, really drunk, and a frequent flyer, according to the police. Never a dull moment.

Also during the night I kept getting shaken awake by what I later found out was someone's cell phone going off. Y'know how they buzz? I could feel that through the wood floors. Weird, man. So hopefully tonight I will rest more easily because I'm pooped!

I've got kyphi on my mind, more precisely, luban kyphi. I'm dreaming (between dream break-ins) about frankincense resin and oils and tears on the tree. Luban dakur kyphi. Mmmmm.

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