Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 70 ~ One Year, One Nose

Okay, this one is going to be a bit tricky. We shall call it "Unknown Vintage Perfume Chemical", which isn't fair because you have no way of evaluating along with me here and comparing notes. But I thought it would be interesting for perfume history's sake to include some of these old articles into the OY,ON project to illustrate how perfumery and our perfume tastes have changed in the past 120 years. Clearly this is synthetic, as my sinus headache indicator has begun to ring ~ headache commenced within 30 seconds of first sniffing this unknown perfume ingredient. The scent is a musky floral with light leathery notes, a twangy citrusy pitch, and an edgy floral tonality, green, like lily of the valley; soft, sweet, aldehydic (boozy). It does not smell like a finished product, but a component. In conclusion, I would classify this ingredient as a musky/floral. And nauseating.

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