Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 69 ~ One Year, One Nose

Vanilla Bourbon Oleoresin 20-Fold, Madagascar

I remember when I initially received this oil that I didn't immediately fall in love with it. At the time I was knee deep in vanilla products and projects, having my own infusions and tinctures going, sourcing raw vanilla beans from several places and comparing them for scent qualities. When this came 'round and I began experimenting with it, I remember being a little freaked out that it wasn't soluble in alcohol or oil, so I used the bulk of it in soap projects. The scent was/is a different matter entirely; dense, heady, heavy, thick sweet vanilla with floral tones and light citrusy back notes. Of all the vanillas I've used, I'd say it is the most useful, scentwise, in perfume as it is less gourmand and more fruity, warm and floral. Getting enough of the scent to break down into an alcohol dilution is a trick, unless you don't mind a few stray vanilla globules floating about your edp.

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