Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Mumblings With Perfume Thrown In

I get it, I really do. Nobody has time anymore! Blogs are almost obsolete thanks to Facebook that lets you say your 2 cents for the day, several times a day, with almost immediate feedback. Perhaps in future I should just post a giveaway there? Why not? It seems to be more a market place these days than a social media site. I just hate being a sheep  . . . but these days, in this business especially, if you're not on FB talking about your latest and greatest concoction, you're nobody. Or eccentric. Hey, maybe that's the route I'll go -- strange eccentric 'oldish' lady living alone in a grand old house whipping up strange and unusual brews and then popping out on occasion to share the knowledge. Okay, so someone already has that gig. I'm just trying to say I understand -- you're busy, I'm busy, we're all busy, too busy to stop for a moment or two to read a blog or participate in a giveaway or care. Hey, I do it too. I can't even tell you the last time I read a blog that someone didn't first direct me to. Damn life always getting in the way!

So I finally feel that Lylli Bleu edp is done. I keep thinking that I need to tweak this or expand that or put down more fixative, but in the end, after yet another evaluation, I say no to the idea and stick with what I have. I really do like it. I didn't at first, too murky, too dark I thought, but as it's matured it really has begun to develop into what I had originally imagined. Still waters. Fragrant foliage around a blue-green pond. It lives very close to the skin and lasts for a few hours, if just a whisper by then.

And that big race that happened today? I missed it. I woke about 40 minutes after they had jiggle joggled past my house. The street is still pretty quiet though, which is nice. Normally it's like a speedway out there. That's okay, though, I have other plans. Just got a text from a friend letting me know there's a Renaissance Faire going on just up the road, so I'm hopping on the bike and heading out that way, right after I put the oils together for the soap I didn't do last night. Maybe this can be an eclipse soap.


  1. I hear ya on the blog thing. I haven't blogged since Christmas. I set up my blog in 2008 and still haven't really gotten into it. And like you said no one visits much anyway even when I direct folks to it. The same with my Facebook page. Maybe I need someone to update it for me lol. I know it is a good tool for business but I'm really thinking of doing away with both.

    1. I really liked reading your blog. I think too if you take too long a pause in blogging, people lose interest checking in on occasion because they know there won't be any new content. Blogging for me is an outlet. It's like cleaning out the pipes :) Some blogs take off like rockets with hundreds, even thousands of followers right from the start, and others take years to build loyal readership. And you also have to take into consideration who your audience is -- are they other people doing what you're doing, in which case marketing on the blog is kind of moot (and I do it all the time), or is your audience made up of customers and acolytes? If so, then marketing is perfect for that venue. I sorted out my marketing blog and this blog a long time ago, but find I blog more here than there, and blog more marketing here than what I should. Like I said, it's preaching to the choir. In this business, we wear so many hats, it's easy to get them confused and wear the wrong one at the wrong time, or more than one at once! And Facebook! Don't even get me started! It feels like a raceway over there . . .



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