Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

But I found one on the beach yesterday that gathered a barnacle.

It's the Week of Lylli. Self-imposed. Fine but exhausting. She's intent upon 'helping', which can mean anything from happily pouring an entire bottle of bubble maker into a half-dead plant because it needs water, to salting and peppering the counter top. We have so much fun being ridiculous.

Found a few bits and pieces of perfumery instruction dilutions, so I'm thinking of cobbling together a few kits (more than the one frankincense kit I have put up on the Etsy site). I may even pair one grouping of dilutions with an evaluation workbook (also on Etsy). As much as I love creating perfumes and scenting for other projects, I also love offering solid educational materials. Evaluations, as I've said before, are the heart of the natural perfumer's education.

Other good -- no, wait -- great! -- news in NBP is that we're finally putting together an advanced perfumer's course. The pricing hasn't been worked out because the course is incomplete at this time. The valuation of the education has not as yet been determined. Also, we may offer the course gratis to students who've completed the six-month intensive course, and require payment from those students who are already working within the field but want inspiration and further education to push them to the next level.

Also going to be trying my hand at self-igniting kyphi incense as a few customers have requested something that doesn't require charcoals to burn. I will be experimenting with that this year, so fingers crossed something good comes of it.

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