Friday, February 28, 2014

Kyphi ~ Magic and Art

I consider myself a practical person, not overly prone to airy-fairy spiritual nonsense, but I do have a deep and profound respect and love of the natural world and the spirit, or spirits, that live within nature. Nature is everything. The Universe, air, the ground under our feet, us -- it's all nature, and it is in that way that I revere the spirit. Kyphi has become a big part of that reverence. I am ever amazed by its simple bones, its basic structure, that, like raw clay, it can be transformed from dust into art, a transmutation of holiness. Can you tell I'm astounded by it? I am once again immersed in the throes of kyphi bliss, having just completed the soaking of herbs and fruit in wine. What a change is made when that is done ~ the wine at first smells off-putting and sharp, ugly, to be honest, but after a day or two it changes, it brings the essence of the herbs to the fore, warmed and sweet, emitting notes of spices and herbs which are not actually included in the formulation. For example, right now the herb mash smells of cinnamon toast, but there is neither cinnamon nor, obviously, toast in the bowl. In a moment it will smell of the vineyards in August when the grapes are spread on paper to dry in the hot valley sun, and fifteen minutes from now it will smell of a field of lavender with violets in the wings. It is magic, and I pour my spirit and love into it.

Lavender kyphi herb base and wine

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