Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 98 ~ OYON, 365 Days of Olfaction

Lemongrass. Vintage lemongrass. Vintage lemongrass by Mane, carefully preserved, and so delicious as to make one want to drink the bottle. Yes. That delicious.

Lemongrass isn't typically a scent I go ga-ga over, but this lemongrass -- indescribably smooth and lush, floral, sweet, juicy lemon with a delightfully creamy undertone -- just 'does it' for me. Most fresher lemongrass extractions I've used have a high citronella note, one that really doesn't set right with me, reminding me too much of summers outdoors and lots and lots of heat and buzzing, pesky bugs. This lovely sample of lemongrass is outstanding, lots of floral notes, like lemon blossom and rose, and an overall seamlessly smooth tone. Like rosey lemon drops minus the sour note.

And just look at this color! Vibrant and jewel-like, and no, I don't normally prance my bottles of oil out in the sun, but I couldn't resist sharing the lovely color with you. I promise, this lovely oil was not scorched in the 30 seconds or less that it took to grab a picture of it in the bright light. Back into the perfume repository it went, cool and dark and happy.

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