Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Perfume

So, a few months back, on a whim really, I started to formulate a new perfume. My formulation was based on an old Florida Water recipe I found in one of my antique perfumery books, with many, many modifications, as I wanted it to be more complex, less 'eau fraiche' and more perfume-like with some substantial heart and base notes holding it all together. I formulated and tweaked and evulsed and tweaked some more into the wee hours of the morning, hoping at the very least to get a nice, yet expensively made, floor wash. Yeah. A floor wash. But what came of it, after setting it in the perfume repository for some weeks, was a gorgeous eau de toilette that is floral and musky and spicy -- sweet and delicate with fine, strong bones. The tenacity is extraordinary for a natural edt, the evolution slow and languorous through the citrus and florals to its spiced musk drydown. I can't wait to share it. I'm waiting on the bottles and then I'm on to filtering the formulation to clear it up. I know, it's so uncharacteristic of me to not share what I'm working on, but it started as a personal project, something just for me, and those I don't usually talk much about.

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