Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lavender Kyphi ~ On With the Grind

It's been a few days since I began the lavender kyphi, and already I can smell its potential. It is heady, and I mean knock you out heady. Thus far in the mashing bowl is lavender, orris, sandalwood, opoponax, pine resin, and Siam benzoin. I hunted down an appropriate fruit to include in this new kyphi, a rather lush and musky papaya that went immediately into the dehydrator. Pink Lotus Kyphi, if you remember, used organically grown Fuyu persimmon as the fruit base, and it turned out beautifully. The persimmons, once dried and soaked in gin, had to be carefully peeled of their skins because the skins wouldn't break down in the mortar. It was time consuming, yet a vital part of the ritual and process of making kyphi. My only concern here with this kyphi is how well lavender will burn -- will it burn to smell like wood, or lavender? Time will tell. Plus, once I add a few staple tricks to the mix, I'm certain things will end well with this kyphi. It is my deepest desire that it does.

Once again, I fall in love with kyphi.


  1. An online course or printed book in the works? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? Your kyphis always turn out so amazing! I can't wait to try the lavender one when its released. Thank you!

    1. Funny that you mention it, but yes, there is a video tutorial and a workbook for kyphi making in the process. Patience :)

    2. That is awesome!! I will be patient, but am very excited for it!



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