Saturday, February 15, 2014

Doing What's Best for Business

To some this may sound like some uncharacteristic capitalist dreck coming from my fingertips. To others, just another lame title that doesn't relate to the post. In this case -- well, I'll allow you to figure that out.

I read that somewhere, that line, 'doing what's best for business', and it immediately set off alarms -- I began imagining the other hated line, 'it's just business'. These word combinations usually follow some crushing of people underfoot, some standing on necks, and often a snicker of superiority, so you can see why I don't much care for these arrangements of words. I think they're a lame excuse for being a bullying asshat who can't stand to have someone else do well. Or, heaven forbid, better.

Anyway, I decided to finish reading the article these words were in, in that particular arrangement, and came to realize they're not quite so bad, not in the context of this article. Then I also began to realize that this same concept I hate so well is the reason I've held back really growing myself in a more business-minded manner, lest I become one of 'those' people. I use the excuses that I'm a procrastinator, or lazy (*gasp!*), a flake, or disinterested in becoming the business I've always secretly dreamed of becoming. I'm no stranger to hard work, and I've made lots of money for other people to enjoy, no laziness or procrastinating involved. In fact, one might say I was eager to do the work that supported their lives but barely supported mine.

I believe if I look at this differently, if I redefine what it means to do business, then I'll have taken a huge step toward reaching my goals. For example, replace the word 'business' with the word 'me'. Doing what's good for me. Now, knowing I'm doing what's good for me instead of a generically evil business means not living with the consequences of crushing people underfoot because I wouldn't do that, or standing on someone else's neck to get further up the ladder, also would never do. And I certainly would never, ever snicker with superiority because I don't think we're that different from one another.

On with the business (me). Ha! Part of this business dream I have is world travel. I see others doing it, other people in this business are operating shops and online stores with finesse and financial success, traveling to Europe, Morocco, Japan, places within the US ~ New York, New Orleans, Seattle ~ and for me, that's a big, big deal, one that I'll never see to fruition if I don't get this business definition wrapped up with a big money-green bow. Money isn't bad, greed is bad (this is my newest mantra). I don't feel greedy, I feel . . . hopeful. And I am now willing to work for me. Oh, and no more doing what's necessary to 'get by'. I'm sick of getting by. I want to do things for people, for myself, my family, and I can't do them with the 'getting by' attitude riding my back. And the excuses. I shuck those as well. They're a misrepresentation of me. Misrepresentations I've encouraged and hidden behind for a very long time. They're self-defeating, a false admittance of weakness, and I want nothing to do with them anymore.

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