Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Kyphi in the Works ~ Lavender

I started this kyphi on Saturday, inspired by a conversation with Shannon at Wilwand Tea here in A-Town and her desire to once again find a lush lavender incense. She related that she bought it from somewhere (I apologize, I cannot remember who she said she obtained the incense from) and that they were always in short supply, and then discontinued the incense altogether. So I thought, why not make a kyphi based on lavender? A rich, lush, coumarin-rich, sweet, herbaceous lavender kyphi. What I usually do when I bastardize a traditional kyphi recipe is print out my recipe, then adjust the amount of dry herbs to resins, and choose the correct dried fruit and wine that will focus on the primary scent I'm working toward. To get me in the mood, I began by burning some of the raw materials on a charcoal -- first the sandalwood chips, then the frankincense, the myrrh, a bit of opoponax, orris root, lavender buds (which, to be honest, burn kind of funky but manage to smell deep and delicious anyway in a sort of burnt grass/vanilla way). What I manage to throw in after all the resin grinding is done is up to the muses.

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