Thursday, July 21, 2016

Moving Two Feet

I began the move from the house to the garage late yesterday afternoon. I'm nowhere near done, but it feels so good having finally got started. I continue today in hopes of finding some long lost aromatic relics during this archaeological dig through the HP closet. Some things I've found since I began include a large funnel for easily packaging powder incense into packets. I bought a new one the day before yesterday because I had looked high and low (apparently not low enough) and couldn't find the funnel. The problem with living with people who've lived with your mess their whole lives is they think your mess, a.k.a. business is free game for scrounging around for things they 'need', like funnels and scissors and dental tools and paper and basically anything that you cannot imagine they have a use for. I've gone to my grown children's homes and found my scissors, science tweezers, even a small table fan I used while making perfume. It's sad that a portion of the business budget goes to replace stolen items that weren't officially stolen. Can't file an insurance claim on a borrowed borosilicate flask. Absconding with office supplies like pens and sticky note pads is something I can live with, absconding with pipettes and needle nose tweezers cannot be tolerated. But let's face it, I've got more junque than I can handle, so I'm sure that during this move the trash dumpsters will be filled and refilled with unnecessary stuff. I might consider taking some of the nicer things and selling them in lots. 

The excavation continues.

It's been just over a year since I busted my bum to raise the money to pay off that huge debt I had accumulated, and now I'm in that bum busting gear again. It's time to move this biz into a higher gear. Two things are on the roster, 1 buying up kilos of resins, and 2 getting a decent distillation set up. I'm still working on those kilos as locating a stateside source of resins hasn't been easy. I've spoken to several middlemen here in the states who've said, yes, they can do this or that, and then I don't hear anything else after that. I don't know if they're still working on it or if they've decided it's not worth their time for my measly 5 - 10 kg request. As for the distillation unit, well, I've found her, she's beautiful, I'm just waiting for the money ~ 

This unit is 8 gallons, as compared to the 2-liter copper still I've been using for the past 10 years. It will be used primarily for white sage, lavender, and conifers. Then when things get moving along a little better, I might buy another or get a larger still all together. I'm actually going in halfsies with a friend on this still. She's got the space to keep it and the plants to put into it. I've got the time and experience to fire it up.


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