Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mystic Marigold Soap

Lyll and I made a beautiful marigold inspired soap -- she wants to call it marry gold so it can be a wedding soap -- that is chock full of turmeric powder, to the point that it is a delicious red-orange color. We made a soap scent formulation using lots of tagetes oil, spikenard, patchouli, and atlas cedarwood. It's the soap I will be giving the soap class students as we carry on and make another identical batch for the apothecary. I'm absolutely in love with tagetes and marigold scents, always have been since I was a kid and we used marigolds as bug repellent in our vegetable gardens. To me, marigold represents slow summer days and warm breezy nights with its sunny spicy scent filling the air. Very comforting and yet another herald of the coming fall.

I had hoped to get to the valley a couple of days in advance of the soap class in Prather, but plans changed when the kids showed up for a mini-vacation. Despite the full house and chaos that comes with it, I've managed to get work going on another body incense with tuberose as the featured scent. It's still in the works and I hope to have it finished in a week or so. More soap is on the roster as well as this last batch made with Lyll turned out to be such a fun project that I'm actually looking forward to busting out the soap molds and strange scents. I got my wee pointy fingers on some lovely raw shea butter that I can't wait to use in soap and skin care for the fall and winter months. Lots of delicious skin goodies on the way. And another perfume is turning over in my mind -- something in line with Atay and Kush Bakhur -- an exotic and lush scent.

This camera doesn't pick up the bright oranges and reds that this soap displays

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