Sunday, July 17, 2016

Through Smoke

It seems the more I learn about incense, the less I actually know. In the tea shop yesterday, I was talking to a group of people who have no idea how incense is created, and I said, "There are thousands of types and ways of making incense," and as I said it I thought, 'well, that might be an exaggeration', and then this morning, as I was reading through a few incense groups' comments on FB, picking through the bathroom texts, and then before that, while I was asleep dreaming about incense, I realized my statement was not an exaggeration at all! My problem is sorting out the information so that I can use it effectively. I'm in a tizzy today because of dreams again, and I'm questioning my spirituality because of what I'm learning (or not learning), and my brain is a bit fractured with one part obsessing over incense and its creation, and the other part obsessing over spirituality and philosophy, and I know these go together, I just can't seem to get them to stick! I know that one will teach me about the other and I'm waiting for that lightbulb moment -- waiting . . . waiting . . . still waiting. Perhaps the study of divination through smoke is the answer. I feel like that guy floating on his roof during the flood who begs god to save him and when boat after boat after boat come to his rescue, he says, "No, I'm waiting for god to give me a sign." And then I guess the guy drowns because he didn't get on one of the boats.

I was reading some incense stuff yesterday online, descriptions of an incenseurs processes and influences while creating this masterpiece of scent they were selling, and I read a description where the incenseur said 'I didn't want to make the same old boring rose or jasmine scent like everyone else' and ended up going with some other heady floral, and it kind of deflated my confidence a bit. I have just completed making a 'boring rose' tinted amber resin incense that I am pretty happy about, and that statement kind of made me think I was missing something. Like ingenuity.

Nothing new under the sun, right?

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