Sunday, July 24, 2016


Half of the studio resides in the newly prepped garage space, while the other half is strewn from one end of the 'old' studio, throughout the HP closet, and under the kitchen table. The stragglers are frustrating the heck out of me. I've been working in the new studio space and when I go looking for something, like the mesh sieve, I'm floundering until I remember, oh, yeah, it's on the table in the other studio space. I'm currently working on that Kyphi-esque incense with blue lotus resin, blue lotus flower, Indian sandalwood, and a bunch of other East Indian and Asian sourced raw materials, and I'm getting everything together for the HOLIDAYS -- yes, it's that time of year, the stocking up of raw materials and the gearing up of production. I have a couple of ideas for some really pretty incense cones for Christmas, in line with the gifts of the magi, and I'm planning to age them -- make them now and store them away until they're nice and fermented and happy to be lit and loved. I also have to make a batch of soap this week for the soap class coming up Saturday, and then more soap for the shop. I'm finding staying as busy as possible allows me the focal point to distract me from, well, just about everything going on right now.

I've always had a really great work ethic when it comes to working for others, not so much for myself, though. But I'm working on it. It seems the older I get, the more scatterbrained I become. The stresses of normal everyday life coupled with the extraordinary tragedies the family has faced lately have made a mud hole of my thoughts and abilities to organize business-wise. I shouldn't be so hard on myself as I've done a few things right these past few weeks like paid my business sales taxes on time and with zero stress, and resisted the urge to buy kilos of resins I have nowhere to store, or pretty purple jars with corks to hold the future Djinn incense, AND save money for things I really need, like a new still and a fancy pants spice grinder. I need to cut through the stuff I already have on hand, use the jars and papers and raw materials that I already possess before getting more stuff. Let me tell you, that's been difficult. I love the pretty eye-catching colorful stuff, and gorgeous smelling resins, especially if I can dig my hands in elbow deep. You know how some people imagine they'll win the lottery and throw piles of cash on the bed and then flap green dollar angels everywhere? I do that too, except the cash is replaced with piles of green hojary frankincense. That actually sounds painful. But you get the idea.

I better get back to work. The boss is giving me the stink eye.

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