Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Incense Resin

This makes three batches of incense going at once. I think I've reached my limit of concurrent projects. This last one took me by surprise. I've been rolling the idea around in my head for months, and yesterday, right after I discovered a forgotten tub of boswellia carteri, I couldn't resist the urge anymore and I began the grind. It wasn't easy since I've got the other two projects going, and I'm literally out of space, working on top of the chest freezer now because it's the only spot in the house without crap piled on top. I think I'm going to leave this the way it is, with perhaps dustings of a frankincense (sacra) and pink rose powder combination to keep it from clumping. What's in it? I didn't write it down, but here it is from memory ~

powdered frankincense (bc) as the base

labdanum essential oil

MY hand formulated 'amber' perfume oil base

pink rose petal powder (damascena)

rose damascena absolute (1/8th ounce)

powdered frankincense (sacra) as the coating

I've been kneading the incense into a ball and breaking it apart again over and over since last night. The scent is intoxicating. This is really something special, in the line of the Mourning Incense that I made a couple of years ago when my mother passed. This is more refined and the scent much more intense.

I still have the white sage to finish up -- I think it is done with its drink of gin and ready for some water and shaping into cones. The light (color) Kyphi is still stewing in its juices.

I'm beginning to feel as if stopping the work means facing the terrible shit that's been going on, both personal and worldly, so I continue the grind in the hope that doing it grinds away the pain.

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