Friday, July 29, 2016

Soap Making Workshop at Prather's Intermountain Nursery

Off to Fresno in an hour or so to set up for the soap class tomorrow in Prather. My only fear is that I forget a vital tool in the making of said soap, like the lye, or the molds. Other than that, I'm completely calm about the workshop, even a little excited. I'll be fine. Snoop Dogg told me so in a dream last night. Yeah. It figures that my spirit guide looks, acts, and speaks like Snoop Dogg. Every night before bed, I ask the Universe for answers to questions and the Universe answers via Mr. D-O-double G. My mind is a strange and wild place to live.

We'll be re-creating the Mystic Marigold soap at the soap class. I really like that one. Marigold has been one of my favorite scents since forever. One of my goals is to grow a row of marigolds or tagetes and harvest them for enfleurage. I think a marigold pommade would be beautiful and could be used in any number of ways, as a hair treatment, or folded into a perfume solid or a body balm or butter. Patchouli would make a nice addition to a marigold pommade.

I'm going to take extra soap making materials, including a few single soap molds, to make more soap later after the workshop, and perhaps the day after while hanging out with friends. It's soap season and I can feel it creeping up on me. I'm thinking a nice cineole-type rosemary soap with freshly harvested rosemary herb tips and then perhaps a palmarosa and patchouli with some rose geranium leaf and lemon peel. It's feeling kind of herby in the soap department, isn't it? I'm also thinking that making a straight patchouli soap might be a good idea, since, ya know, I found all those bottles of half-used and unused variations of patchouli oil.

I have an idea about ramping up production of Kyphi incense -- I'll have to run it past a few people to see if it's do-able and if so, there will be Kyphi production workshops going possibly every other weekend in September and October, as well as other types of incense training. There has also been some interest in the valley for the training of stick incense making, so that could be going into major production as well.

Blurry picture of Amber Rose Compounded Incense Resin

Slightly blurry picture of Himaya stick incense

Kyphi sticks that don't burn properly

A berry cake just to make you hungry

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