Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bulbs & Incense & Fairs

Now that I'm back in the valley, mobile, and with a new perspective, I've decided to work a few crafts' fairs this year. Intermountain Nursery's annual Harvest Art's Festival is definitely one I'm heading to, only this time the wares will be a slight departure from what I've brought in the past. I'm only doing local shows and plan to hand out information about the farm (which still has no name) and shop (which does have a name -- Seasons of Spirit). We also plan on hosting a few craft fairs at the farm this year as well, probably one in the spring (March/April/May), and one in the fall (late October/November). If all goes well, this will be a busy year for the nameless farm, Seasons of Spirit, and The Scented Djinn.

Part of the farm plan was to plant bulbs, but I think it's too late now as the bulbs I have in my little grow bags have already begun to sprout! Next year's bulb crop at the farm will be fab. I'm not sure if planting fresh bulbs now will result in sprouted flowers this spring. The farm already has little bundles of jonquil popping up, and in one of my planters at the Atascadero house, the paperwhites were up in early November. I've got to get those bulb schedules down so there are things to enfleurage throughout the year.

I still haven't gone into the shop to work out those incense formulas that are dancing around in my head. It's either been too cold or too damp or too much babysitting getting in the way. Today, tomorrow, and most of Monday I will be blissfully alone, so I'm thinking later today I'll get to work out there. At least get some of the raw materials ground up. I'm really anxious to get some incense on sticks.

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