Sunday, January 15, 2017

Incense Box Exchange

Remember that? Back in September, I received a box full to the top with handmade incense from incenseurs around the world. I poked around in it a bit when it was first received, burned some lovely Kyphi from Australia, and then took it to the incense class on the 5th of November last year to share. Since then, it's been packed away in the shop stuff -- until last night. I'd forgotten how much there is in this box.

Dirty Violets by Lisa Woodward is a granular incense, not powdered, not formed, but loose and lumpy and interesting looking. From the tin, it smells agrestic, hay-like, rooty and sweet. Upon burning on an electric heater set to medium, it becomes more resinous and cedar-like, with sweet, tender, powdery notes of orris/violet.

This morning I pulled another tin from the bag of Lisa's goods and broke off a few pieces of Juniper Rose Kyphi and tucked them into the electric heater. The rose is very soft, in the mind's eye, it is pink and light, like a pillowy cloud. There's also a sweet, juicy fruit note with a hint of juniper. It reminds me of spring gardens. It's a lulling, narcotic kind of incense whose scent slowly envelopes the room. Very calming, very relaxing.

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