Thursday, January 12, 2017

Incense Sticks 2017

New incense is on the weekend agenda. While plowing through boxes of shop stuff yesterday, I found a huge as yet unopened box with the word 'incense' on it. I had ignored this box on previous forays into box land because I assumed it was something else -- a big box of incense sticks from a company that no longer sells incense (because they found out their supplier was using synthetics in one of the four 'flavors' when they weren't supposed to be using synthetics at all) -- so imagine my joy when I found the box contained incense raw materials! Organic rose buds, organic vetyver roots, a big bag of powdered patchouli leaf, and dozens of other goodies. It's on folks. What else can I do on these long rainy days and nights? Watch Netflix series' back to back for 72 hours straight? Well, I guess I could. I'm not going to, though.

I also learned over my protracted break from walking the incense/perfume path that the nifty heavy-duty spice grinder I had my heart set on purchasing in the spring isn't so nifty after all. Basically, it's a waste of money.  So I'll stick with my thrift shop coffee grinders at $3 a pop and replace them every year. For the price of that heavy-duty grinder, I can go on like this with the thrift shop stuff for about 30 years. No kidding.

It's been raining so much these past few weeks. More rain than California's seen in years. Our reservoirs are at full capacity, the canals are full, which is rare this time of year, creeks that haven't seen water (Fresno River) in decades have breached their banks, and now lately the snowpack is building up again. We had a nice snowpack in the mid- to lower Sierra Nevada mountain range until the Pineapple Express came through last week dumping two inches of rain in the valley and melting tons of snow. Now we've got a regular winter storm coming through and all that snow is back, and more.  There's a family trip to the snow planned for two weeks from now, an annual trek for a beloved grand baby's birthday, and we're getting a little worried that there may be too much snow. Last week's warm rainfall washed out a few of the roads up where we're heading, and now that snow is falling up there again, we're concerned the roads won't be repaired in time. It's not the end of the world, of course. Just a nuisance. We desperately need the water, so I'm not complaining.

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