Tuesday, January 03, 2017

On the Farm

I have not been out to the garage/temporary shop since the PsTB pulled everything out and set it on a workbench for me. I was down all day yesterday in bed with a headache and fever, something I picked up from another family member or while out shopping over the holidays. Not exactly the kind of 'gift' I wanted to herald in the new year with, but what the hey. It happens. I'm better today since I slept at least 40 of the past 48 hours away. I am dosing up on C and green tea and burning frankincense resin. My bedroom smells like a sacred temple with a hint of cough drop. The crazy dreams continue. It all makes for a very interesting sick bed experience.

I went out to plant on the farm last week. We got cold-weather goods in the dirt -- a dozen cabbage, some broccoli, and sweet onions. We also planted sweet grass, vanilla grass, loofah seeds, green beans, lettuces, and tons of flowers. I tore out all of last season's tomato plants that were tangled in tomato cages -- about 24 of them in total. It was California cold (somewhere in the 50's) so we set up the chiminea to warm up between planting rounds. It was so good getting outside and getting a little bit dirty and sweaty. We still need to work on getting a row of blighted nectarine trees out of the ground and prune the rest of the trees in the orchard. It's going to take a while, but we're planning on getting that wee farm in ship shape for spring planting and beyond.

Good things are coming in terms of business and production this year. There is so much potential, we just need to grab a hold of it.

Next time I'm out at the farm, I'll take some pictures to share here. And then later when things get going and sprout up and bloom, I'll take more pictures. It's going to be good.

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