Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Luck & Magic

I went to the farm and picked up all of the incense goods that I had left from the class in November. They're in the studio/garage and ready to be put to work, and I can hardly wait. I'll have a few days to myself this weekend to work out there, and I've got some new stuff to work with, and coming very soon is a shipment of fir balsam needles for a new Kyphi incense. I also dug up bottles of tinctures -- a couple bottles of tea tinctures, really good stuff, emerald green and cocoa colored tinctures. They will be perfect for the alcohol stage of a lovely gritty, earthy incense on the way made with Hawai'ian sandalwood powder and black Omani sacra resin. There's also a rose petal incense being considered. The plan is to put all but the Kyphi on sticks. More of those two-hour sticks, with luck and a little bit of magic.

Once things get moving, more perfume will be introduced. Nothing with isolates. I think I'm done trying to convince myself they're something I want to work with.

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