Friday, January 13, 2017

Farewell to Natural Isolates

I no longer use natural isolates. I experimented with them extensively, studied them, wrote about them, made a few perfumes and many, many accords with bits of natural isolates, I even advocated for them in my book Working the Bench II. But in the end, they're just not for me as a long-term solution to my constant exploration of natural perfumery.

Before I moved from the coast back to the valley, I had already made up my mind to give away all of my natural isolates, as well as a few weird things I received -- a couple of synthetic whoozits that I never used, and acetic acid, which I have no earthly idea what it could be used for. All that's left to do is ship them to their new, and perhaps by now, anxious owner.

I thought I'd feel a little bit of separation anxiety giving them away. I'm finding there's very little emotion involved. Not at all like how I might feel giving away an ounce of my own hand made hyacinth extract, or a bottle of 15-year-old Sri Lankan patchouli oil, or a bag of Indian sandalwood chips.

I don't want to use natural isolates anymore, partly because I could never really get a firm grasp on them, the wily buggers, and because I recently made an oath not to. I'm also committing to the use of more organic and home distilled oils, more handmade extracts from enfleurage, and just really digging back into naturals. Reigniting the flame, as it were.

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