Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year, New Something

I guess the powers that be were tired of me being cash strapped and stir crazy and decided to dig out of the tumble in storage all of the boxes of perfume and incense and soap that go in the shop, plus the goods to create more. I may be up and running within a few days (for real this time ~ ha!) My incense goods are at the farm and there isn't really the space yet to put things together without shivering in the open out there. The PsTB also set up a big work bench and wall cabinetry in the garage for The Scented Djinn to work its magic.

I don't really have any resolutions for the new year. I've always been more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants sort of woman and working on body goals and image goals are difficult and restrictive for me. Who cares that I'm fat, or freckly, or a wee bit wrinkled, or that I have a few white hairs? It means more to me that people see me as kind, reverent, sometimes wise, witty, generous, creative, funny, grateful and caring. In the end, I'm almost certain nobody will remember how big my butt was, but how big my heart was.

So, Happy New Year! What the heck -- Happy New Day! Celebrate them all, all of the days, for the love and happiness and joy they bring.


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