Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All Hallows

For some reason, I'm just not getting into it. I'm not feelin' the excitement, the rush, of figuring out what to dress up as, where to go, being scared, all the things I used to love about Halloween. I'm ready for the pumpkin spice cake and the mulled cider and the golden red leaves to drop. I'm ready for the crunch of frosted grass under my slippers, the finger warming loveliness of a hot cup of Earl Grey tea, melty dark chocolates flavored with cinnamon, and cuddling with the grandson under a fat, fuzzy blanket. I'm looking forward to body butters! Creating them again. And I haven't yet fallen out of full experimental mode, so a few pokers are in the fire in that regard. Something grand will come of it, I am sure.

Right now there is a pot of beeswax on the stove and over a dozen beeswax candles "becoming" on the rack. Very rustic, these candles, bent and knobby and smelling incredible. I toyed with the idea of scenting the wax, but naked is good. Beeswax in the nude.

The pumpkins and butternut in the picture here all came from my little urban garden. This is my Halloween. Gourds and reverence and gnarled beeswax candles, a little root magic and hope.


  1. I have about a pound and a half of beeswax and half paraffin. I have been painting it onto some leather products. I am quite addicted to the smell now. Is there anything in the body care scope, that I can use a little at those ratios? I need to use the majority for more leather stuff, but I want to try something else,so that I can carry it in my purse and get my smell fix. :)

    I feel you on the Halloween spirit. I have messes, art decorations,cooking and costumes to get done in 3 days. Plus it's been Halloween since July in the stores. Maybe once you see some little kids in costumes, you'll feel it. Happy Halloween, it will be Christmas tomorrow or something.

  2. You could make a solid perfume of it -- blend it with some sweet almond oil so it isn't 100% beeswax and hard as a rock, maybe add some essential oils to it -- lavender, patchouli, or even a little beeswax absolute. Just enough essential oil to lightly scent it and combine with the sweet honey scent of the beeswax.

    I don't know what happened with Halloween for me. I just realized yesterday that October seems to have flown by in a blink. Maybe it's because I've been really busy. I also don't have little ones to create costumes for anymore. But I have been cooking! Last night I made a potato and homegrown butternut squash soup with organic cream and chunks of free range chicken thrown in. The pot is empty this morning :)



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