Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oriental . . . again, apparently

Blog'opping and read Persolaise's recent post on ambery orientals, and the question, do we really need another one, "the answer's probably No" P writes. That's a bit deflating since this is totally where the new perfume is going. Then I must refer back to the adage, "There is nothing new under the sun," which always helps when faced with these situations. I'm no Tesla, that's for sure, but I think I can spin a new twist on an old idea any day of the week. So the ambery oriental . . . more tweaking has commenced. And in the midst of said tweaking, I began to wonder if I put off formulating because I'm a procrastinator at heart, or if I put it off because I know I won't be happy with the end result no matter how much I fiddle with it? I think it is the latter "excuse".

After several more sonication sessions, it was apparent the new perfume, the ambery oriental, needs more top notes. There was very little opening to it, blasting from the scent strip and off the skin as a dense amber essence with spices and mellow florals mingling. And the amber was sharper, probably from the wrestling match with ginger, and lost a lot of its soft, sweet edge. New additions included santal, sambac, bergamot and gardenia, with a boost of other elements in the perfume ~ more cardamom, more vanilla more other stuff.

My daughter, whom I write of often here, is a perfumista, but not a perfumer. She doesn't have the least bit of interest in being a perfumer, but greedily snaps up any offers of finished perfumes. I wore the latest version of the ambery oriental formulation and when we got into the car, she asked, "What's that smell? I really like it. You smell good, Mom." Maybe not the most professional acclamation, but I'll take it as presented since I know her and her tastes in scent.


  1. You mustn't let me discourage you! And you're quite right: although there's nothing new under the sun, it is perfectly possible to present familiar ideas in new, interesting ways. In other words, keeping going with the ambery oriental!

  2. :)

    Oh, I've kept going with it. Sometimes it feels good to whine a little, and possibly find yet another reason to procrastinate on a project.



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