Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fire & Ice ~ in the span of 24 hours

The weather here in Central Cali has been strange, to say the least. Just four -- maybe five days ago, we were in the throes of a full-on heat wave with temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, plus about 70-75% humidity -- unusual weather for this desert terrain. Today is rainy, overcast, cold. Cold. The glacial ice phase began a couple of nights ago with booming thunder and lightening that turned the clouds pink with every flash. It's time to set the flip-flops into the closet to collect dust. Time to drag out the sneakers and locate the infamous family Bag-o-Socks.

What this weather is good for is introspection. I've been more productive with home improvement projects and checking off topics from the list of Perfume-Things-To-Do. The yard, however, is a tangled mess. The front lawn is beginning to grow over and it needs mowing and edging desperately, though with the steady drizzling of rain, that won't happen any time soon. The jasmine and honeysuckle have taken over the front garden, choking out the roses and naked ladies, smothering the crape myrtle. So all the work-about stuff comes inside. Too wet, too damp, too cold to prune or cut back or -- and, well, I wouldn't really want to anyway. I love my wild witch's garden.

There are changes coming to my business as well. I am currently in the process of changing the logo, making it more user (me) friendly. As beautiful as The Scented Djinn's djinni lady is in all her vintage glory, she is a difficult bit of artwork to manipulate into labels and other packaging. I've found myself using alternative vintage art nouveau style labeling options that don't perfectly reflect what I feel TSD is about. Bottling is also an issue and I hope to have that resolved soon as well. And the new website is still a work in progress. A distressing and frustrating work in progress.

In this time of changing seasons, I find that I must change as well. I must open up more. Be inspired and inspire more. Not judge so harshly. And, most importantly, fulfill my work with passion.

There is one last perfume to complete before I can rest up for the brief respite between this very moment and the rush of the "busy season". Rest. Now, isn't that a concept worth exploring?


  1. I am also making my logo :)
    Did you start with a process or?
    I got several offers, so within these days I will choose which one I will have :)

  2. Drawing out ideas first, then sending samples off to a graphic designer. The designer sends back 3 or 4 initial design ideas and then we go from there. I'm excited about what the designer comes up with.



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