Friday, October 22, 2010

Amber Perfume

The new amber perfume is coming along beautifully. I've done a little tweaking with it, creating something more floral, less ginger spicy, and very deeply ambery. I'm beginning to like it much better than the original formulation, though my daughter might want to hit me over the head. When I made the original, she carried around a bottle and sprayed herself whenever the notion occurred to her. Smelling like ginger candy and honey amber appealed to her very much. If I remember correctly, that bottle was watered down quite a bit and the scent was still tenacious. At this point in the formulation process, the perfume is dark, like a well-aged bourbon. I've been zapping it in the sonicator for three days, testing, tweaking, and then zapping again. I hope to have it done for an art show I'm attending in November.

Now I need a name for it. 'Amber' seems pretty well used. I'm not into the 'noir's and the 'l'hiver's, not that l'hiver suits. Ginger Amber doesn't suit anymore either, though the ginger does express itself as the perfume dries down on the skin. On a scent strip it's all amber. Dark, warm, furry, soft, sweet amber.

*Update: Needs lift, diffusivity, lies too closely to the skin (reminds me of the beginning stages of Bella Cimitero with it's dark resinous soul oozing across the skin instead of jumping off). The ginger really isn't coming forth the way it had before, but I remember now that the formulation needed about two weeks before the ginger expanded. Further trials revealed the formulation required one more note, so we (I have help with this one) decided a minute amount of green cardamom evulsion was in order. It brought the composition up off the skin to float above it and is present from the top to the heart and begins to diminish during the base note progression. Changes the character of the amber to something more glistening and sheer. Lovely. Now we'll have to wait to see what it does during aging.


  1. This really sounds very good - I'm all into ambers this autumn and putting cardamom into anything seems like a good choice to me (I love the smell of cardamom). I can't wait to hear what you will call it.

  2. I believe the green cardamom was a good choice as well.

    I have NO clue what to call it yet! :)

  3. Whoa! I've been out of touch for sooo long, I just about missed this. I love Amber perfumes.

  4. Hi Melis! This one is finally hitting its marks. A few more days in the zapper and some continued aging, and it will be 'there'.

  5. So this has not been listed at the shop yet? I was going to get the bitter amber balm/solid perfume. I will wait until this is listed and get both.

  6. Hi Melis, no the perfume isn't up yet. It's still doing it's thing :)

    I'll be posting it up soon. I'm also making a solid amber perfume in a beautiful vintage style locket that I'll be adding soon as well.



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