Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NEWS FLASH! Again with the stupid corked minis!

Okay. I get it. I've discontinued the gorgeous corked djinn minis because the corks break and leak (even when wax sealed) and are generally just pieces of crap. Cute crap. And I apologize again for the labeling debacle. One of the few times (because I'm a control freak of sorts) I allowed someone to help me in the studio and labels went missing and bottles shipped without being properly identified . . . oh, it was a mess. Fortunately a few of you with fabulous noses were able to figure it out and go on your merry way. Well, you all did, what am I saying?

I'm saying I screwed up! Yes, me. Unbelievable, isn't it?

And I'm sorry.


(call me)


  1. He, he, mine weren't labeled but it was no problem really since the notes were listed on paper so I identified them by that. :)
    Btw, the little bottles are wonderful (even though true to what you said, one of the corks broke). :)

  2. I know. I really loved those bottles. Ah, well. Beauty and practicality don't always walk hand-in-hand.

    I'm happy you were able to figure them out. As you can see by the repeated posts on the subject, it was something that was really bothering me-- a lot.

  3. I had fun working out which was which! Some jumped straight out at me, but there were a few that were tricky and I had to stop and ponder over... then suddenly it hit me what I was smelling...hello Kewda!! :-P

    I love the wee bottles Justine, and will be reusing them! I think I remember seeing lil cork stoppers in a craft store that might fit.


  4. God, I feel so stupid now. I though my comment disappeared so I posted a similar one on the post with the prize. :)
    I'm just not very concentrated these days...

  5. HJ, I kind of figured you'd know which was which. It's also kind of a fun project for a "blossoming nose", isn't it?

    Yes, love the little bottles. Must have spare corks if you plan to keep them, though.

  6. Ines, no problem. I'm glad you posted on the prize post :)

    Changes in season can throw people off. It certainly does for me.



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