Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 2, Sunday @ Intermountain

Was a bit warmer. Wore a hat this time, though the damage had already been done (see previous post about sunburn). Set up the table at a different slant so it could be seen better from around the corner. Sold more soap than Saturday. And, again, the place was crowded! I have never seen crowds like this at Intermountain before. It was almost like a city craft show held in the convention center. The music was wonderful. They even had belly dancers-- well, a belly dancer.

Sold out of Poppymint, but I already knew that was going to happen. Also sold out of Kashmir. Once I go through the box I'll be posting the "leftovers" on Etsy. These are all top drawer soaps made with all organic base oils. It's just how I roll.

Took my mom as my booth partner this year and what a lifesaver that was. My mom's an amazing lady. She'll be 69 this year on December 28th (or 29th, depending upon whether you believe her mother or her birth certificate) and she's still as spry and lively as a 20-year-old. She's survived cancer, a crap marriage of 35 years and raising three nutty kids -- I'd say those are quite the accomplishments. Now single and living her second life, it's as if she's started from the beginning again. She goes dancing, spends time with friends and family on the coast, raises a huge vegetable garden, grows the most amazing plants from sticks and twigs she finds on the ground (really, she's a green witch of sorts), and now more recently, a saleslady for The Scented Djinn. She had a blast Sunday talking with customers, shooting the bull with a few friends who showed up, dancing, eating pears fresh from the mountain trees, smoking her electric cigarette. Yes. Ye olde electric cigarette may well be saving her life. As a 20+ cigarette a day smoker for over 40 years, mom's on the fake ciggy wand and loves it. She's down to 7 real cigarettes a day. We're shooting for zero. She even made an effort to dress for this event, finding her most flowy hippie-like blouse, for which she received more than one compliment. Stalwart with a grand sense of humor, that's mom.

The day seemed to fly by. Sales were hopping. Mom was hopping. It was good. The best part about having a smaller display is that there is less junk to pack and drag back to the car at the end of the day.

I sold one bottle of perfume~ yay!

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