Monday, October 25, 2010

Am I Rude?

Is it wrong of me to hang up on someone calling out of the blue to offer me "the deal of the year" on pens, magnets and stickers featuring my logo? Does my business need pens, magnets and stickers? Is niche perfumery about that kind of stuff? Does L'Artisan offer pens and magnets and stickers featuring their logo? I don't know.

I despise rudeness in people, but I despise unsolicited phone calls even more. Especially early in the morning when I'm in the midst of formulating or writing. One out of every ten phone calls I receive are actually about something -- my son's school calling, or a friend, my mom. The rest are confidence people and folks trying to sell me something my business can't survive without -- like a refrigerator magnet featuring my lovely new logo.


  1. Yes, it is irritating in the extreme to be fully immersed in a project and get an unsolicited sales call ("courtesy call"--ha!). I like to ask them if they think perhaps I didn't see the commercials, print ads, flyers and bushels of direct mail that floods in through my door. Also I am big on the Do Not Call List and always invoke it whenever I can. So--NO! you are not rude, just protecting your time. Which is short for all of us, especially anyone running a small business (and family).

    Best wishes, Elizabeth

  2. Mostly it bothers me because I get so few uninterrupted hours of creative time in which to work, and when I manage to eke out an hour or two, the phone seems to ring off the hook and I am the only one here. My answering machine picks up after 10 or 12 rings and those solicitors do not leave a message.



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