Friday, October 29, 2010


Last chance to enter your name in the LPR monthly giveaway to win two 4.5 oz bars of The Scented Djinn's Pumpkin Spice Organic Oil Soap. These soaps are super yummy and spicy, made with all organic base oils of olive, coconut and mango, colored with organic carrot juice (homemade), and scented with cinnamon spice, and cassia and clove oils. I always add a little coconut milk to make the bars extra creamy and luxurious. And you're going to receive two if your name is chosen -- one for you and one for . . . you?

Anxiously awaiting a shipment of vintage style lockets for the new winter solids. There are two new perfume solids, an amber based on the amber perfume I'm currently creating, and a sultry meditation solid starring saffron, frankincense, jasmine auriculatum and night queen absolutes. I'm considering a remake of the infamous blue lotus based perfume solid, but I haven't decided for certain yet. Butters are on the menu as well -- something gourmandy with a bit of a twist. Won't say anything more about it yet as it isn't made and is still in its preliminary formulation stages. I will say that it's really nice and unexpected.

I've been reading the blogs of the bloggers who went to Sniffapalooza's Fall Ball this past weekend -- envy is thy name. Carol at WAFT posted a picture on her blog of my dear friend, Laurie Stern of Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery. Laurie was a speaker at this year's Sniffa event and presented her newest perfume, Bed of Roses, which was based on Raphaella's Roses, a list of rose fragrances revered by Sniffa Magazine's editor, Raphaella Barkley. If I know Laurie, this newest perfume of hers must be spectacular, and I can't wait to smell it for myself.

Don't forget to enter the monthly giveaway at LPR, and while you're there, check out the haiku contest to win a sample of vintage/antique cassia oil.


  1. Sniffapalooza's Fall Ball? oh my god, I so,so need to check that out. I'm a bath & body addict( and am enjoying checking out your site!



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