Thursday, November 04, 2010

Art Show

This art show coming up on the 20th has me in knots. My production level has increased to about three (more like four) times what it normally is. Nothing like something significant and potentially affirming to kick my usual procrastinating butt into high gear! I don't do it all 'fo' the money, ho, the money, ho, the money . . . ' no, I do it because it's what I do. I'm usually painfully shy and introvertive when it comes to crowds, meeting new people, et al, but ask me about perfume, and I'll talk your ear off with only a few moments of 'oops, I'm talking too much' reaching my cognitive brain. Hopefully I won't be a clam during the show. I feel like such a whore selling myself that way.

There's a violet, um, thingy brewing in the sonicator. I used a lot of my vintage orris resin/orris tincture, both in this formulation and in the chocolate candies I made the other day, which, by the way, were exquisite. I couldn't help thinking, though, every time I'd eat one, that I completely understand the allure of using ambergris in confections, not that I did or would, but I get it. Ooh, just had a thought -- hyracium chocolates! Ew. Okay, I think I may be taking this a bit too far . . .

So the violet thingy in the sonicator -- a bit like Ianthe the Violet Nymph, but fuller, less a nymph and more a full grown goddess. My hope is that the vibration will bounce those molecules to swift maturation. So I can take it to the show. And have it ready for the holy days coming up.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    good luck with the "full-grown goddess" - sounds heavenly - and the art show preparations. Don't get too tied in knots though! Be good to yourself.

    cheerio from Anna in drizzly dreich Edinburgh, day-dreaming about a violet with oomph.

  2. I replied to this earlier but it didn't show up . . .

    I'm still fretting over it. It'll be more an exhibition than, say, a selling gig. I'll be handing out stacks and stacks of information, promoting the course, NBP, me (ugh).

    The Big G is coming along beautifully :)



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