Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I've lately been intrigued by the fresh, lively scent of green herbs like cilantro, basil, mint and, though not technically an herb, rose geranium. Cilantro in particular imparts a fresh, crisp foodie layer over darker, deeper scents like patchouli and sandalwood. Cilantro with tobacco is mouth-watering, as I discovered by accident whilst digging in the back of the aromatic treasures cabinet. I was working with cilantro, building a solid version of Khamsa (eau fraiche, though that moniker hardly applies now that it's a solid -- Khamsa Drool-Down-The-Front-of-Your-Shirt Extrait is more like it), when I brushed against an old bottle of tobacco absolute, getting a little leaked absolute on the tip of my finger. The scent wafting around me was intoxicating. Then, just to see if this light/dark, opposites attract phenomenon reached toward other dark essences, I did a back and forth waft between cilantro and oakmoss. Again, that mouth-watering effect. So now I know that cilantro is a perfect host to patchouli, the darker and older the better, sandalwood, oakmoss and tobacco. Basil loves cocoa, and light vetyvers; mint, in small doses, loves just about everyone, much like rose g. I'm sure I'll tire of the greens in a few weeks or months, but in the meantime, I will take advantage of the inspiration.

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