Thursday, November 11, 2010

Parfum Oils and the Bottles They Live Within

I've gone back to my roots with the production of more parfum oils, solids, butters, soaps, powders, masques, incense -- the things that were staple products at Sierra Soapourri and then later at Delicia. So, of course, wanting to kind of streamline the new look to reflect the new logo and "feel" at The Scented Djinn, I went in search of unique bottles to house the parfum oils. I had this idea to use simple clear glass bottles with metal screw on caps and decorate the bottle with a complicated knot system on top and sealing the ends of the knot on the bottle itself with sealing wax. I recently began putting this idea into motion and was sorely, very sorely, disappointed to find that the bottles I'd ordered for the task leaked -- terribly. No matter how tightly the bottles were closed, they leaked. Almost as if the caps were not exactly meant for that bottle. I've scrapped that idea and may be going back to something I used at the beginning of Delicia, little blue teardrop bottles (but I think I'll go with the green this time 'round). I know they're simple, and they don't come from some fancy French bottle making company, and they don't cost a fortune (only half a fortune) but they work! I still have some alcohol-based perfume housed in those particular bottles that haven't leaked or evaporated, despite the fact that they've 'been' for about six years now, and have suffered more than a couple shuffling, thumping relocations. Perhaps the clear glass bottles can be used for loose incense or densely perfumed powders.

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