Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Invocations and Pomeriggio

Ah. Ana's at it again. She's created these two superb (as if she'd do anything but) soaps ~ Bon Pomeriggio Sapone and Divina Invocazione Sapone ~ that are absolutely the most stunning creations to come from a soap pot ever. First, let me start with the Pomeriggio ~ scrumptious, delectable, delicious, drool-worthy, kiss-yer-mama-on-the-lips-and-dance-naked-in-an-orange-orchard crazy. I opened the box the soaps came in and unwrapped and unwrapped for what seemed an eternity, from folds of brown paper, impatiently unrolling and digging because I could smell them before I saw them and the paper went on forever-- and then there they were, just heaving with scent, almost alive they were! Orangey bronze slices with oozy dark chocolate embedded in the top. Food. Skin food. I sliced off a piece for my son who attempted to hide an entire bar, and he immediately ran for the shower. Thirty minutes later he came back, smiling a big Cheshire cat grin, and I asked him, "Well? How was it?" and he replied, still smiling like mad, "Oh, I can't even tell you. You have to go do it yourself." Though he told me nothing, that statement spoke volumes. Second, Divina Invocazione Sapone is frankincense and myrrh, deep and resinous, golden and rich, bits of crackling melted resin embedded everywhere. The scent, oh, the scent, is miraculous. Well, yes, it's frankincense and myrrh, but it's lots and lots of frankincense and myrrh! This is a bath tub soap, definitely. No quick shower will do it justice. You must stew in this magical potion, read a book by beeswax candlelight and dream big, big dreams.


  1. You really, really, REALLY need to get over to her site and order some -- you won't regret it. REALLY! I can't say enough about the Bon Pomeriggio -- toe-curling. You have to experience it to truly understand.



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