Friday, November 05, 2010

Violet Nymph Gone Goddess

Rather than leave well enough alone, I, in my infinite wisdom *cough*, have "beefed up" the existing Ianthe the Violet Nymph formulation to become a fully fledged musky violet goddess with a big "G". Additions such as genet, wild verbena, carrot seed, yuzu, linden and a couple of different roses have turned this shrinking violet into a battering ram -- of sorts. It may still need a bit more adjusting as the sonication continues to reveal empty spots in the composition, but I'm determined it remain a violet fragrance regardless of how it unfolds, even if I have to use all my vintage orris resin tincture. There are quite a number of vintage oils and homemade distillations used in this composition -- I even entertained the idea of using the Star Rio Red grapefruit distillate I made a month or so ago, and I may still yet.

I'd forgotten how absolutely delicious ambrette is. I got a little smudge of it on my fingers yesterday and must have looked like a crackhead while driving to pick up my son from school, the fingertips of my right hand practically jammed up my nose while I drove. I tried to be discreet, but who can be discreet around something that makes your toes curl with pleasure? So, it sounds a little pornographic, so what. You do it too.

Big G ~ orris absolute, violet leaf, champaca, benzoin, oakmoss, orris tincture, orris resin tincture, tuberose, ambrette, rose de mai, antique santal, cassie, santal CO2, tonka tincture, almond, boronia, genet, ambrette CO2, verbena, carrot seed, orris butter, yuzu, rosa damascena, rose otto, linden blossom absolute


  1. I do not even know what to say about that..I feel like a peasant when you talk like that:) violet is my favorite.

  2. Violet is one of my favorites as well -- I just have to psyche myself up to create her, and that can take years.

  3. Such a wonderful idea ,when I have a headache I sniff smelling salts or menthol powder off my hand . It was only when in the town centre I had visions of being dragged off to a Police Station as they tested my blood .

  4. I can see how that could be misunderstood :S

    Walking down the street downtown with a piece of cardboard in your hand can get you harassed for panhandling.

    Funny what we see as normal and harmless others feel threatened by.



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