Friday, November 05, 2010


Sometimes, even if you make a complete ass of yourself, making someone else laugh can make your day. Perhaps even your week. Just think how the world would be if you made someone laugh every single day, and they made someone laugh, and so on and so forth. Eventually, it would come back to you and someone will go out of their way, and possibly make an ass of themselves, to make you laugh. Laughter is a drug that doesn't need propositions to make it legal, it can't get you busted and thrown in jail for having a baggie of it hidden under your car seat, and you don't need a medical laughter card to get away with legal laughing.



  1. So true! Sometimes even just a smile will do. :-)

  2. I know! Sometimes when I'm lost in my head I'll smile about something that I'm thinking of and someone, some stranger, will see me smiling and think I'm smiling at them and they smile back and . . . well, even if it's an accident, it feels good. I think having a perpetual smile pasted on your face is always a good thing.



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