Thursday, November 18, 2010


It must be the moon or the season or the creative juices just began to flow and decided to become a deluge with no end ~ I've begun a campaign of creation, a simple series of solid parfums in glass pots using reformulated formulations from the Delicia days and beyond. The first two of the simple series are a lovely sweet floral and a Yule-worthy woods. The floral was known in the old days as Marguerite, and she was built using only six essences ~ patchouli, vanilla, mimosa, rose otto and bergamot. She is rich and floral and sweet and earthy all at once. The other, the Yule woods fragrance is built using only seven essences ~ blue hemlock, fir balsam, silver fir, juniper berry, galbanum, vintage nutmeg and an organic santal. It smells of the cold winter breeze through the high branches of evergreens and the sweet creamy spice of nog. The next to be formulated for the simple series is a frankincense, myrrh, opoponax and spikenard solid. Four different frankincenses, two different myrrhs, one opoponax and one 'nard. And then maybe the fragrance formerly known as Hot Buttered Hippy made with patchouli, butter CO2 and vanilla. See? Simple.

Creation in and of itself is inspiration. It seems that once the cycle begins, it continues of its own volition. That's what is happening to me now. After being in a creative funk for months, it is refreshing to be working with intent again. When the spark was lit is anybody's best guess -- maybe it happened when I received one after another of custom perfume orders over the summer. Or maybe it happened because, in my mind anyway, October is the beginning of the year, a time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Toying with creating a kyphi eau de parfum using the aged and gooey calimyrna fig tincture hidden away in the cabinet of aromatics in place of raisins . . . and there is one more custom yet to be made, a parfum for a bellydancer, something sensual and bold.

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