Friday, March 02, 2012

Catching Up

I have some catching up to do on the One Year, One Nose project -- as of today, I'm five days behind. The last few days have been somewhat odd. Mentally odd for me. I think the events of the past few months are finally catching up now that the dust has been settled a while and I'm left with the prospect of what to do next. Where does life take me now?

Well, since you asked, I have some plans in the works. Something different from what's been happening, something that will bring the 'word', so to speak, to the general public, rather than preaching to the choir type stuff that seems to have been going on the past ten or so years. I'm sick to death of the competitiveness, the backbiting, the lying, the secrecy, the he said/she said, the whole lot of it. This isn't junior high school. This is about art. I won't go on with beating the dead horse as I've said this a thousand times before, this work is as individual as the hands that create it. The plans I have may not come to fruition for some months, perhaps even a year or so, but I am seriously working on a new direction, something that will open people's eyes and hearts and . . . well, something wonderful and joyful and fun. I realize I will have to start out small and build this up over time, but I'm hopeful the small plans garner enough attention and interest to spur on the growth of the larger plans. Baby steps, m' loves.

Now that I've bored you with unnamed plans, I will apologize for not posting those ON/OY evaluation thingies. I've got 'em (boy, do I got 'em), I just haven't had much time to sit down and put them on the blog. Oh, and apparently my jnkcrane email was hacked (thank you, Hacker Person, whoever you are) and sent emails to all my contacts for botox injections or some such nonsense. I'm sorry about that. As soon as I was alerted to the problem, I made the fix and the emails stopped being sent. Again, I apologize for that hiccup in the system. Stupid hackers. People are always trying to get something for nothing.

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