Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 45 ~ One Year, One Nose

Fat leaf Italian basil!

Can you say bruschetta? Oh, how I adore the scent of basil. It is the summer's herb -- it loves tomatoes and oregano and zucchini and artichokes and butter -- mmmmm!

My sweet basil died. I had a brief but moving ceremony for it when it was mulched, then went right on out and bought a hardy Italian basil.

Basil is such a lovely scent -- spicy and green and pungent with peppery notes. Crushing its leaves releases such a perfume, so fragrant, so mouth-watering, so -- bruschetta. Forgive me my one-track mind.

Basil has that wow factor, y'know? Eye-popping, up-yer-nose, slap across the cheek spicy green.

R.I.P Sweet Basil

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