Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 30 ~ One Year, One Nose

Mock Violet

I've made several versions of violet flower over the years -- Parma Eau de Parfum being the most successful -- but the beginning stages of creating violet turned up some pretty interesting results. I think the one I had the most success with prior to Parma EdP was this one wherein I blended violet leaf, cassie, oakmoss, orris, tuberose, ambrette, santal, rose, tonka, davana and boronia -- made a dainty little confection that definitely said 'violet here!'

Sweet and fresh with a lovely delicate greenness to it, deep notes of earthiness and moss, and a distinctive creaminess that only orris butter can achieve.

I keep ALL my trial formulations, even the ones that smell like crap -- it's good to keep these things in the library to read from time to time. All the mock violets are there, poking one another with their purple tinged and greenish elbows.

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