Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 41 ~ One Year, One Nose

Today it is raining and it prevents me rushing off to do my other j o b (four hours of vacuuming, washing, wiping, scrubbing and deodorizing) because bicycles in the rain, and their riders, tend to get a bit soggy. So while I wait for the weather to clear a bit, I'll post what I've got.

Yeah, let's see, I already told you that moldy oranges smell like orange blossoms . . . I already posted the patchouli thing . . . I talked about oudh . . . oh, here it is!

White Rose Attar

I love attars. I just can't help myself. They're perfume in and of themselves and it becomes almost painful to dilute them down and use them in compositions -- they are perfect just the way they are. No improvements necessary. But I rattle on . . .

White rose attar from White Lotus Aromatics is a treasure -- delicate and lush, opening with a typical full bore rose scent that is both boozy and dewy with the warm woody backdrop of sweet, buttery sandalwood. The rose opening, that rush of heady booziness, disappears within a minute or so after application, then settles into a lovely velveteen smooth roseness that projects tendrils of sharp green notes. It is difficult to separate out the rose from the sandalwood as they are *married so perfectly -- it is a blessed union with no distortion; no, oh, there's the sandalwood, and oh, there's the rose in its character, it is a rosy sandalwood or a sandalwoody rose.

I bet it would make a grand butter cookie flavor. That would be one expensive cookie, though.

*In the end, however, it appears that rose divorces sandalwood because all that's left in the end is a sandalwood ( a very nice sandalwood) with traces of rose's perfume on his shoulders.

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